Claremont Counselling is a Perth-based psychology practice offering professional counselling and psychology services to adults and adolescents.  The practice is based in the heritage building now housing Claremont Medical Centre, located on Stirling Hwy, only 8 km from the Perth CBD.


Jennifer Mummert is the principal psychologist in the practice.  She is highly experienced, having worked as a registered psychologist for many years in varied areas, before commencing private practice in Perth in 2003.  She provides you with a confidential, professional psychology and counselling service, helping you to resolve challenging personal difficulties or complex mental health problems that may include anxiety, depression, grief, loss, traumaabusefamily of origin issues, adoption issues and life adjustment challenges.

The counselling process offers you a safe, quiet space and a relationship with a skilled and empathic listener, enabling you to explore your concerns and feelings in an environment of respect, acceptance and collaboration.  This process helps you to develop your self awareness, assisting you to recognise patterns in your thoughts and feelings and to understand how they impact on your choices and decisions.  Jennifer helps you to discover your own strengths. Aided by relevant psychological knowledge, this awareness allows you to make decisions and changes that suit you.  Over time, the non-judgemental nature of counselling helps you to face painful experiences and difficult emotions.  Therapy can take you beyond where you can go by yourself.

Seeing a psychologist or counsellor is not a sign of weakness or being self indulgent.  In fact, it takes strength and courage to be prepared to look honestly at yourself and your situation.  Many people find that counselling or psychotherapy provides them with a greater self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as an increased ability to cope with current and future difficulties.

Claremont Counselling is located in Perth WA at
Claremont Medical Centre,
206 Stirling Hwy, Claremont.

To book an appointment call Jennifer
08 9383 2824 or 0414 384 424

[email protected]
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