Privacy Policy

Claremont Counselling, Perth,  is committed to providing you with the highest levels of confidentiality and service at all times. This includes protecting the privacy of your personal information. Any personal details collected will be done so in confidence. This information will not be disclosed to others without your consent, unless there is an overriding legal obligation to do so.

Jennifer will only collect information that is necessary to properly understand and assist you.  Such information may include your contact details and a full personal and family history.

There may be occasions when Jennifer will need to obtain information from other sources, such as your GP or psychiatrist, or a former counsellor or psychologist. No contact with other professionals will be made without prior discussion with you and with your verbal consent. In emergency situations, it may be necessary to collect personal information from relatives or other sources, where it is not possible to obtain your prior consent.

Jennifer will use and disclose your information, only as required, for purposes such as:

  •  account keeping and billing
  • referral to a GP or other health care provider
  • where legally required to do so, such as producing records to court
  • to prevent or lessen a serious threat to a person’s life, health or safety
  • to meet obligations of notification to insurers (such as health funds, motor vehicle accident, workers’ compensation, professional indemnity)
  • de-identified information may be presented to a clinical supervisor, as is usual within professional practices

You will be asked to give your consent to these conditions at the start of your therapy.